Bibliography of Russian Byzantine Studies


   Оpen referral database "Bibliography of Russian Byzantine Studies", created by Laboratory of Black sea region and Byzantine on the Faculty of History, Moscow State University under the guidance of academican of RAS, professor Sergey Karpov, is intended to consolidate and demonstrate information regarding Byzantine empire and its cultural area historical scientific publications.

   Major data array consisted of works by the Russian and foreign authors, published on Russian language. In addition, publication of Russian Byzantinists on foreign languages also recorded.

   Historical chronological limits - from IV to XV c. Wide thematic scope, including filology and linguistic, study of art and archaeology, patrology and theology, ethnography and geography works. Apart from monographs and articles, synopsis and brief reports, reviews, dissertation and author's abstracts also are taken into account. As far as possible works accompanied by annotations and brief comments with existing rewievs indications.

Currently database embraces works, which were published from 1991.

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